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  Hi, I'm Sarita Mason the owner & founder of Pots'n Potions LLC.  For as long as I can remember commercially produced skincare products never quite seemed to live up to their promises of moisturizing or hydrating my skin. Not to mention most were full of known skin irritants that often left my skin dry and flaky. Definitely not the desired outcome. So after many years of frustration and countless wasted dollars I decided to make my own customized skincare products. 


   Inspired by the natural beauty and abundant health benefits of herbs and botanicals I started blending herbs & flowers with oils and butters and Pots'n Potions came to life. 

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About Pots'n Potions



  Pots'n Potions Offers Holistic, Mostly Handcrafted, Small Batch; Personal & Home Care Products.


 Our Values

  At Pots'n Potions we believe everything we need to live purposeful and rewarding lives can be found in nature

  and that optimal health & wellness can be achieved by intentionally living in alignment with the natural 

  cycles and seasons of the earth. 

   We understand that only once we've reached a natural balanced state of overall health & wellness will we be 

    to achieve happiness. 

   Mission Statement

   To provide high quality, minimally processed personal & home care products that fit your intentional living 


   Our Products

   We offer a full line of products that meet the intentional living & self care needs of those who know that 

    little things make a big difference. 

   We strive to put a little nature in every jar by using mostly natural ingredients like dried herbs, flower buds        and petals, naturally sourced oils and butters, plant based colorants and essential oils.


    From personal care products like face and body soap bars, body scrubs, butters, hydrators, herb infused body

     body oils, foot & bath soaks & more to home care products like candles, all natural kitchen & bath cleaners

     & decor Pots' n Potions is here to support your intentional living journey. 

    Our Packaging 

     We proudly do our best to take a small step in helping to minimize the harmful aftermath of single use                plastics by using mostly multi use and eco friendly glass packaging for our products. We feel the increased          cost of shipping is minimal compared to the potentially devastating costs of less expensive plastic                        packaging materials upon the planet, our health and living environments. 



       Pots'n Potions LLC 

       Self Care. Intentionally. 


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