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Seasons & Reasons Vol 1. Fall Edition 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2021


The seasons change and sometimes we don't really acknowledge them, but we feel them. We feel the slight drop in temperatures, we have the urge to cook with root vegetables and make big pots of soup. Even if we live in a place where it's warm there may be a temptation to grab a sweater and relish in the extra layers. Even when we are spending a lot of time inside due to work, Covid-19 or simply from our modern day culture; we experience the subtle day to day changes influenced by the changing seasons as the Earth moves around the Sun. These seasonal detections and acknowledgements have always been essential for our survival. For most of human history, it was vital to acknowledge and prepare for these seasons, in how we lived, what we ate and what we did. To deny these changes then and now is to deny the symbiotic relationship between humans and the seasons.

One way to honor our connection with the Earth's seasons is to realize that we are indeed biological beings, that we are part of nature. Evident in the ways in which we are affected by the heat, the cold, the light and the dark that affects our daily routines and senses of well being.

Some of us look forward to the Fall and Winter; while others thrive in the Spring and Summer. No matter your seasonal preferences it's always a good idea to get in tune with how you're feeling and identify what seasonal changes may be affecting your moods or requiring you to adjust your day to day routines.

Tips For Fall Self Care

Below are a few ways to take care of yourself while celebrating the beauty and bounty of the Fall/Autumn season:

1. Get outside and live a little.

Even if it's just for a five minute walk around the block at your job or at home.

And yes, walking on a city street counts. A study from the University of Essex showed that participants could improve their moods in as little as five minutes of activity in nature. If possible get out during daylight so you can feel the sun on

your skin and you can take in a few breaths of outside air. If you can, get out with

your loved ones and take a walk a walk or a hike to witness the seasonal changes. Do you notice different birds flying? Do you notice the changing colors,

not just in the leaves, but in the hues in the sky? Do you notice the differences in

the fur and feathers of native animals?

2. Prepare a seasonal meal.

What better way to celebrate the changing of the season than with the foods of

the season? If you're lucky enough you can harvest the bounty from your

kitchen garden or visit a local farmer's market and see what produce is readily

available at this time of year. If you're not sure what to do with that big butternut

squash or how to prepare those turnips ask the farmer for ideas or simply

google recipes. Pinterest and YouTube will be your best friends for ideas and

tutorials. This is also a great way to connect with friends and family that may live

far away. They'll love hearing from you and the opportunity to reminisce and

share old family recipes and traditions that you may have forgotten about.

3.Get in tune with the cycles of the moon.

When's the last time you looked up and admired the beauty of the moon?

Check a calendar or almanac and see when the next full moon presents while

you're at it find out when the next new moon cycle begins. Find out what they

represent and just why they are important. Even in cities where it may be hard

to see the stars for all the lights, it's usually fairly easy to spot the moon.

Throughout history we've tracked the moon's cycles and created rituals and

celebrations honoring the moon at particular times of the year. Certain moons

like the Harvest Moon have even aided farmers and families in preparation of

the upcoming harsh conditions of the Winter.

4. Take some time for Self Care.

Just as the seasons change so do the needs of your skin, your diet as well as the needs of your mental and emotional health and well being. Pots'n Potions has lots of holistic self care products to help you with this. We often find that as the seasons change we need to create new self care routines that help address common seasonal issues like drops or increases in temperatures or changes in humidity. As summer gives way to fall and it becomes cooler and dryer, an all natural, moisturizing body bar, an exfoliating scrub or a decadent body butter might be just the thing to help keep skin soft and supple underneath those cozy fall layers. And while we're at it let's not forget those personal sanctuaries we like to call home. Clean, Clear the air and Create a tranquil and peaceful environment in your home with Pots'nPotions home care & home decor products. From candles to non toxic cleaning products Pots'n Potions has something for all of your intentional home care needs.

Traditions & Events

This October we have the rarity of a Blue Moon, which is when there are two full moons within the same month. October 1st marked the Harvest Moon and this Halloween or Samhain (depending upon how you choose to acknowledge it) is the Hunter's Moon, or the Blue moon for the month. Blue moon's only occur every 2-3 years.

Samhain is an important holiday in the pagan tradition. It marks the Feast of the Dead and many of the traditions that come from Samhain celebrations have been incorporated into the

celebrations of the modern Halloween holiday that is now interwoven into pop culture.Traditionally it is believed that during this time of year, the veil between the living and the otherworld is thinnest and spirits can come out to mingle with the living. Many cultures and traditions call for celebrations that honor the dead during this time of year. These celebrations also honor the Earth and the cycles of the seasons as the growing season changes from harvest to fallow 9which is a time for rest, letting go and rejuvenation in nature.

Thanksgiving, celebrated in November is a traditional celebration of a time of abundance, joy and the Earth's bounty. But it is not without its own dark and complicated roots in early American & Native Indigenous people's cultures. Despite its malevolent origins it has always been celebrated as a day to give thanks to all that we have and are grateful for in our lives. Ironically the origins of the holiday itself is steeped in the blood and tears of the Native Americans who were slaughtered to near extinction, uprooted and to this day displaced and disenfranchised in order to make way for the pilgrims and early American settlers. For these very reasons many people choose to either avoid celebrating the holiday in honor of the fallen Native Americans or to openly acknowledge the grave wrongs done in honor of the Native Americans as they celebrate the holiday that has now become a celebration of friends, family and gratitude for all the Earth & the Universe continues to bestow upon us. Celebrated with huge feasts, family and friends often gather around a single table to share the joys of the past year as they look forward with hope to the beginning of a new year.

There are so many traditions and rituals tied to this time of year and equally as many ways to celebrate the season. How will you celebrate the season? Will you harvesting the fruits and veggies from your gardens or simply choose to eat seasonally. You can carve pumpkins and roasts their seeds, make your own ciders, watch scary movies or tell spooky stories in the dark. Will you buy pumpkin infused coffees and pastries from favorite coffee shop? However you do it it's still a way that you have found to celebrate Fall.

We see the moon, we feel the season's change upon us. We take deep breaths of air and we honor our pasts and as our ancestors once did we prepare for the season.

Written by Kary Schumpert.

Edited by Sarita M. Mason.

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